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“It’s a kilt, it’s not a skirt” is the first thing that occurred to me when I told Mire the first time I tried one on because I felt it was a more than painting outfit. I felt it was a good fit and faithfully reproduced the place it was I live now and you had to be a man to wear it.

Anyone who decides to travel to Scotland is one of the first things that think: “I want to see the gentlemen with skirts” and they won’t miss the opportunity. But if you like these clothes so much, you should know that not only men with kilt can play bagpipes. But you can, like me, rent a walk and like a nice place.

Scottish kilts for Royal Men - Scotland Clothing - TwistyFaster

Shortly after our arrival in Edinburgh, we were invited to a wedding where the dress code was for men with kilt and related not only to the famous skirt but to all gala dresses that you, the gods, left behind. I wouldn’t miss this opportunity and decided to find someone to rent one of these suits.

After searching and searching, I found a company of all kinds and where I went with Mire to try one out on me. There is a man in the store who will guide you downstairs, ask you about shoe sizes and ask other questions to get your taste. I was impatient until the test show started, and when I put on my shirt, jacket, kilt, and other parts, I felt so Scottish that I tried to mimic the local accent, which everyone would recognize due to the color I don’t see very thin.

Basically, a Gala Dress Consists Of

  • Shirt (usually white)
  • jacket
  • Sporran (a bag that is carried to keep things)
  • kilt
  • Very thick knee socks
  • Knife placed between the socks
  • Shoes with long laces and an open upper

And finally the wedding day came. I put on the camouflage kilt, put the knife in my sock, and went out to feel the cold in my knees. For luck, almost all of your models wore at the wedding and I don’t feel so strange. The night passed between food and dance and the tables of my kilt moved in the rhythm of traditional Scottish music.

When the party was over, I went looking for a taxi late in the morning and had temperatures below zero, although I could not bear it, because I finally enjoyed the experience to the point that I am now thinking of shopping and trying to invite me to further weddings to take advantage of it.

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