Astrology: The brand new Era.

No cost-free will about this, I used to be born into astrology. My mother, an
astrology pupil considering the fact that in advance of I used to be born, experienced me reading through Liz Greene’s
youngsters’s guide, Considering Astrology, when I was in the primary grade –
a thing I had wholly forgotten until finally I found the e-book in my
early 20s and uncovered which the Solar indications of the children in my firstgrade
class were being scribbled on its web pages. Turns out, the kid who had
convinced me that he managed an underground lair stuffed with attractive
Girls was a Libra. Easy, that 1 was. During my very first nodal
return in Scorpio in 1994 I discovered myself (Yet again, with gratitude
to Mom) for the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Modern society. That night
I heard David Railey lecturing in regards to the Moon’s nodes and Steffan
Vanel lecturing about Liz Greene’s psychological astrology; more than the
subsequent few years I’d attend a lot of lectures at MAAS, including one particular
by Dennis Harness, who stoked a flame in me that could become
an incredible adore of Vedic astrology. In All those early many years, I go through Rudhyar,
Greene, Forrest, Hickey and Arroyo. Now in 2012 I’m encountering
my second nodal return And that i’m focusing on an astrology e book of my
have, a e-book on locational astrology. This topic has become the main focus of
my consulting perform considering the fact that 2003, and I’ve lectured on the topic at
astrological groups all-around North The us. Throughout the last ten years I’ve
spoken at UAC, ISAR and ACVA conferences; I grew to become a co-founder
and the initial president on the Affiliation for Youthful Astrologers: and
I’ve organized The Blast Astrology Conference in Sedona, Arizona.
I’m ISAR C.A.P. Licensed along with a certified Astro*Carto*Grapher. I’ve
been a largely complete-time consulting astrologer considering the fact that 1994. I do my best
to accomplish no harm. theastrocoach

Chapter 8
A different Examine
Moses Siregar III

Locational astrology, or astro-locality, has grown to be a popular
branch of astrology often accustomed to enable people today uncover their
‘very best sites’ on the planet. The late Jim Lewis and all those who have
adopted in his footsteps are worthy of credit score for that prominence of the
new approach to astrology. Lewis needless to say referred to as his tactic
Astro*Carto*Graphy, or even a*C*G. Charles Harvey and Michael
Harding, within their e-book Working with Astrology, named A*C*G considered one of
the 3 most critical contemporary developments in astrology – another
two currently being harmonics and

A Brief Heritage of Locational Astrology and

Ahead of Lewis, locational astrology was much more commonly used
for your needs of mundane astrology rather than natal astrology.
Previously astrologers who correlated zodiacal traits with spots on
earth include Manilius, Ptolemy, al-Biruni, Lilly, Raphael, Inexperienced,
Sepharial, Carter, Johndro, and Wynn.two

Applying locational astrology methods to specific nativities
having an emphasis on angular planets in the intervening time of beginning, which
is exactly what the term astrocartography (with out asterisks) Generally
refers to, was Probably originally made by Cyril Fagan in excess of
everyone else, Regardless that Fagan didn’t compose a fantastic deal with regards to the
matter or do Considerably to popularize The concept (as Lewis definitely did).3
Charles Jayne wrote within a 1985 short article, ‘As far as I are already equipped
to ascertain, the Astro-Cartographic technique was very first designed
by Cyril Fagan.’4 In 1966, 10 several years before Lewis wrote his renowned
Astro*Carto*Graphy booklet, Fagan made use of the strategy in his
‘Solunars’ column while in the magazine American Astrology. In that
write-up he looked at the chart of a lady born on June 29, 1940, at
9:fifteen am GMT, 31N35, 105W50. He wrote:

“With Uranus to the Ascendant at the side of Algol,
It’s not astonishing that she mentally has been pushed to
factors of maximum desperation. A distant removing from
her place of birth will displace the natal Uranus from this
harmful place… Need to this unsatisfied Woman wish to
solution matters, she should remove sufficiently far away
from her put of birth To place her Sunlight and Venus to the
Midheaven; she’ll then know fame and pleasure.”

Fagan also explained why he would not recommend an angular
Jupiter line for this lady, Despite the fact that he would Usually
endorse that someone ‘carry the benefics, principally the larger
benefic Jupiter, onto an angle.’ The main reason he gave is her Jupiter
was carefully conjoined with Saturn (between other good reasons).

In Fagan’s 1971 e-book, Primer of Sidereal Astrology, which he cowrote
with Brigadier R. C. Firebrace, There is certainly an appendix about
the ‘Calculation of planets in mundo’. In his Solunar column
Fagan also wrote about parans during the context of both natal and
relocated destinations.5 Of course two of The real key factors of Lewis’s
Astro*Carto*Graphy are drawing ‘in mundo’ maps6 and employing
parans for relocation get the job done. shoppingonlineltd

Kenneth Irving wrote to me that Jim Lewis ‘was unquestionably steeped
from the challenging-as-nails complex method of Fagan & Bradley,’ but
suggests that Lewis was ‘truly surprised’ when Irving showed him
samples of Donald A. Bradley’s maps from American Astrology. He
explained that Jim Lewis ‘sincerely didn’t Imagine any individual else experienced done
this ahead of him, and I had no reason to doubt him.’ He also believed
it had been not likely that Jim Lewis might have read the contents of
any offered earlier column published by Fagan or Bradley. Irving also
mentioned that ‘Bradley did use the concept of locality in regard to start
charts extensively, but so far as I do know never ever in the use of
maps.’ Jim Lewis gave specific credit to Donald A. Bradley, the
only astrologer Lewis mentioned by title from the commitment of his 1976
booklet, Astro*Carto*Graphy.

Certainly amongst Jim Lewis’s most significant contributions
was his popularization of natal astro-locality maps. Ahead of
Jim Lewis, astro-locality maps were utilized in astrological
literature as early as 1941 but just for mundane needs, including
showing the angularity of planets in the mean time of your Winter season

I look at Jim Lewis a contemporary astrological big for establishing
and marketing astrocartography, and I experience profoundly grateful
for everything I have discovered from his function. On the other hand, in this post
I won’t deal with the countless destinations wherever I agree with Lewis
but in its place on some main elements of Astro*Carto*Graphy
which i want to examine critically. Due to the fact Astro*Carto*Graphy is
such a pervasive affect on astrocartography, I believe that all
astrologers thinking about locational astrology must appear deeply
right into a*C*G’s origin and legacy.

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